Angela Gonyo 
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Wolf River Real Estate LLC

P.O. Box 16072

Albany, NY 12212

c: 518.390.7059

What Can I Offer You?

​Are you looking for a real estate agent in Albany for rentals?

RentFromAngela has extensive knowledge of the Capital District and Albany area, property rules, the local school districts and more!

We will answer any questions you may have and hopefully provide some insight you might not have noticed otherwise.

Choosing the RIGHT home for you or your family can be like finding a needle in haystack!


But at RentFromAngela, all of our listed rentals represent great value and variety. We thoroughly investigate every property then work with you and the landlord to make sure the place meets or exceeds your expectations!

Broker Reciprocity

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Free Representation


While working with a Licensed Realtor, I represent you to the landlord and work on your behalf. This is done FREE of charge as I'm compensated by the listing agent.

I will also regularly search and send you listings that fit your criteria.

I'm never too busy for your referrals.